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The rise of Pre-owned Devices

Escalating Prices

Consumer mobile device purchases have undergone a significant transformation in recent years. The once predictable upgrade cycle, occurring every 20 months, has now extended to an average of 29 months. This shift can be attributed, in part, to the persistent trend of escalating prices for new devices.

Favourable Proposition

Nevertheless, consumers continue to demand to replace lost, stolen, or malfunctioning devices despite this extended timeframe. Astute retailers have recognised this market need and found a valuable opportunity to cater to price-conscious buyers searching for a favourable proposition.


Embrace a Sustainable Future

Our Unwavering Commitment

Why settle for simply reducing waste when we can actively reduce pollution and preserve valuable resources? In a world grappling with supply chain challenges and raw material shortages, recirculating products isn't just financially advantageous - it's imperative for our future. Our unwavering commitment lies in bridging the gap between used supply and fresh demand, paving the way for a more sustainable world.


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